Future Past

Future Past | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved (Image)
Future Past | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved

Future Past

Digital remix on canvas
60cm x 60cm

Prints available - limited edition of 10- Ask for details


This is the digital remix of 'If we forget our past we cannot understand or future.' The past and future have become mixed, confused. Memory is useless as a recording device. This is the argument to original painting. Sometimes I create an agreement, sometimes an opposite viewpoint and sometimes it is a completely different piece of work.

Music is an important influence on my work, specifically the concept of the remix. The remixing process re-energises something, changes it into something completely new, giving it a new life, but without that original source material, the remix would not exist.

Only 10 high quality, deep edged, varnish finished prints will be created of this work. Each signed and numbered once 10 have been sold then the original file is deleted. only a small file copy will remain.

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