Memory crash

Memory crash | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved (Image)
Memory crash | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved

Memory crash

Digital remix
60cm x 70cm

Prints available (Limited edition of 10 - Ask for details)


This work, features in Gideon Conns new music video, but this is not just a music video it is a totally immersive experience! Dex Hannon's work Memory Crash, was used to create the immersive world, the video was Directed by Rich Williams. His vision was to go further than, 'just another music video'. There is also an interactive site, that viewers can, with the use of VR glasses travel through Dex Hannon's art watch it here

Remix of the Commissioned piece, Answers cause questions. The Retro-Futurism series, take the original painting and strip it down to its basic shapes and colours and remakes. re-imagines, echoes or warps the original paintings meaning.

Very limited edition of 10. High quality Canvas ready to hang, signed and numbered. Once the final piece is sold the original file is destroyed.

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