dreamstealers | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved (Image)
dreamstealers | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved


Digital remix
60cm x 60cm

Prints available (limited edition of 10 - Ask for details)


I created the painting, 'I organised my thoughts and they left me for a dream', I then set about digitally remixing it. As I was working a fly landed on the painting. It just sat there. Ignorant of the work that had gone in to the painting. It didn't care. 

It got me thinking. Nature doesn't care about art. to nature it is meaningless, as is the car, the computer, our homes, that we went to the moon. Nothing matters to the fly or the wasp or the tree. 

So when I was creating the digital work I wanted to bring in that perspective. I used photographs of insects that I had taken, the wasp in Turkey and the fly in my back garden and brought them in to the piece. In a way that reflected natures ambivalence. The creatures bring a surreal edge to the image. 

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