qwerty | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved (Image)
QWERTY | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved


Acrylic & molotow pen on canvas
100cm x 50cm x 4cm


The typewriter was designed in a way to stop the letter bars mashing together when typing. We dont use typewriters anymore. But we still use the same layout. 

It started out as research and investigation of landscapes, the structure of farmers fields interested me. Whilst working on sketches I stumbled across a tattered, old copy of sociologist, Alvin Tofflers’ Future Shock. As I read something something changed in the sketches. I moved them around, the fields became more complex, Chaos erupted from the landscapes. Out of the fields came forth impossible cityscapes that imploded and exploded simultaneously. What I was feeling was a sense of wanting to change things but also try and keep what I had initially wanted to create. I was being pulled in two directions. That was it.  The pull of our heritage and history and our desire to push forward into the future. That is exactly how we, as humans are. We're caught between tradition and future.

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