qwertytyper | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved (Image)
qwertytyper | © Dex Hannon - All rights reserved

QWERTY Key Jammer

Digital remix
100cm x 50cm

Prints available (Limited edition of 10 - Ask for details)


I created the painting QWERTY a response to the keyboard layout that we all use and was created to stop the keys jamming together on a typewriter. 
A layout that we don't need anymore but we stick with it. We're used to it. We are a species not good with change. We prefer slow evolution of ideas that fit with our thinking and doesn't bring too much of the 'Shock of the New!' 

I have been experimenting with this idea as a remix for some time. Each experiment lacked that evolutionary leap from the original. Which I think I have found with it now. 

Digital Painting, limited Edition of 10 only. Signed and Numbered

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